Dems Betraying America – It will be Stopped One Way or Another

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BHO Lying to America - Yes he can

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Years ago I wrote that there would never be another like Reagan. I grow more certain of that fact with each passing day, even though Cruz seems to have the same vision that Reagan once had. However, in this day and age Senator Cruz is the odd man out. The problem is that prior to Reagan the Progressives had been slowly changing our laws, taking over a little at a time then Reagan rocked the boat, and put America back on course. Years ago I wrote that the Progressives would never allow this to happen again. Today I am more convinced than then that I was correct.

Ronald Reagan was a man with a dream and he largely fulfilled that dream to the benefit of the American public, but he did not get into office without help from the leaders of the Republican Party. He did not choose George H.W…

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When I moved here in ’82 we were a State which didn’t know race, nationality or even a lot of “politics”. Now, we are a battleground.

Time to work together. If you are illegal and don’t like the way this Country and State operate under the Law, then go back to where you came from, or begin to apply for citizenship and conduct yourselves according to our laws.